Nicole's Empowering Photoshoot

Before & After

Marrying your high school sweetheart isn’t supposed to end after nine years. As a wedding venue owner, who often had to work two and three jobs at a time to make ends meet, Nicole didn’t recognize the new life that had been thrown at her. After becoming a single mom, she wasn’t sure how to cope or where to turn, losing sight of who she was. The first couple of months were the worst, with the hurt and anger nearly erasing her identity completely.

But one day, something inside of Nicole forced her out of her front door, away from all the reminders of heartache and towards a place that would help her release that hurt and anger in not only a positive but healthy way.

Nicole hit the gym and lost nearly 30 pounds of grief and loss, feeling the best she had felt in years.

“I will be able to look at these pictures years from now and be proud of how I handled what was such a terrible situation at the time; knowing that so much good can come from something that seems so devastating.”

For a long time after the affair, Nicole didn’t feel beautiful. During her photo-session with the Cowlicks, months of self-doubt and shame were shed as Nicole became reacquainted with the radiant confidence that shone from within. Capturing a time in her life that was both a turning point and a reflection of the strength behind her beauty, her photos clearly show a butterfly emerging from her cocoon.

Regaining her self confidence through determination while keeping a positive attitude, Nicole found the happiness she so much deserved, now knowing she’s able take on ANYTHING that is thrown her way!