Lucie's Vitalizing Photoshoot


It’s easy to forget that underneath the everyday responsibilities,
are women with their own unique individuality.



Before & After

As a busy wife and mother of two who runs her own business, like so many women today, Lucie rarely has time for herself. With a love for painting, gaming & role playing, the primary focus on being a mom and running a successful business barely gives her any downtime. However, she knew the time to do something for herself was long overdue and with a sudden now-or-never approach, she went into action.

Stepping outside of her comfort zone, Lucie contacted the Cowlicks to spoil herself for the day and finally do something she had dreamt of for many years.

She wanted images that truly represented the way she felt inside and that she could reflect on for years to come. Plus, her ravishing feminine side was simply bursting to get in front of the camera!

Striving to feel sexy and look amazing, Lucie wanted to capture her natural beauty not only for herself but for her husband, who she fell for after connecting through

Lucie’s transformation from her everyday routine look into someone enticing and brimming with confidence was exciting to capture. Her radiant smile was contagious and her eyes sparkled. Her final images not only captured her shining outer beauty but allowed her marvelous inner beauty to shine through as well.