Geeta's Rockin' Photoshoot

What do you get when you combine rock n roll, leather and body paint?

A knockout bombshell who’s confidence level went right off the charts!


Before & After

Meet Geeta, a dentist and mother of three who, by adopting a healthy lifestyle, is celebrating her loss of 77 pounds! An enthusiastic Jiu Jitsu competitor, she took silver at the IBJJF Boston open in 2016, bronze at the Masters World Championships in 2015, bronze at the IBJJF Miami Open in 2013, double gold medal at the Pendergrass Classic in 2014 and at the US grappling Greensboro tournament in 2014. Talk about one kick-butt gal!

After transforming into a healthier version of herself, Geeta planned a photo-shoot as a reward for her hard work over the past 4 years.

“It was my burning desire to celebrate my 77lbs weight loss and capture my return to fitness on film.

On the days leading up to and in between her 5 wardrobe changes, Geeta gave a glimpse into the crazy world of modeling by enthusiastically documenting her 9-hour shoot through social media. Her looks ranged from sexy and enigmatic to fun and flirty, ending with a bold and courageous body paint look that truly represented Geeta’s fearless belief in herself. Standing for over two hours to achieve this look was no easy feat but the confidence that shone through her eyes resulted in a truly special image that displays all of her hard work and determination.

“Now I have proof when I’m 80 that I had it going on in my younger days!”

By recognizing her own potential, Geeta is both inspiring and motivating to women everywhere, especially those who may be struggling with their weight. She is living proof that no matter how hard the work may be, the end result will not only be rockin’ but absolutely 100% worth it.

Geeta, YOU are a ROCKSTAR!

Be sure to check out Geeta’s fun shoot documentation below!

I plan on celebrating my weight loss with a photo shoot to end all photo shoots. The words rock n roll, leather, faux hawk, bad ass, body paint and pasties came up. Geeta meets lady Gaga….I got this! Cannot wait to see the story board this talented duo comes up with. So excited.

Tomorrow is photo shoot day with Dr. Cowlicks photography and I couldn’t be more excited!! Faux hawk, rock star wardrobe, make up, body paint so on and so forth…..Mr. Demille, I’m ready for my close up 🙂

Drinking champagne while I’m getting my hair and make up done. Photo fun day is here 🙂 Body paint later today….woohoo!!

6 hours later, 5 wardrobe changes, a few different make up and hair styles and just starting on the body paint/faux hawk portion of this amazing photo shoot. 2 hours to go…. ‪#‎bodypaintart‬ ‪#‎drcowlicksphotography‬

For those following my photo shoot adventure yesterday it ended up being a 9 hour session ending with some fabulous body paint shots. It was my burning desire to celebrate my 77lbs weight loss and capture my return to fitness on film. The body paint art was the icing on the cake and an incredible experience. Jack, the photographer shot pics from the top of a 12 foot ladder while I laid on the ground surrounded by fog from swirls of dry ice. I also loved loved loved the body paint design they created for me…very tribal…think lion king. Here’s a sneak peak selfie from half way through the body paint job. What a day to be surrounded by such talented artists, all of them. Much thanks to the entire team and especially Rebecca and Jack for giving me so much more than I asked for. Final photos are 3 weeks away. ‪#‎bodypaint‬ ‪#‎drcowlicksphotography‬ ‪#‎anotherdayinthelifeofgeetabhat‬

Yay!! Today was my big reveal at Dr. Cowlicks photography. 1,000 photos narrowed down to 18 and I picked 8. It was the final way for me to celebrate the fitness that I have worked for these past 4.5 years. Now I have proof when I’m 80 that I had it going on in my younger days lol 🙂 My absolute favorites are the Guns N Roses series, the cowboy hat photo and of course the amazing body paint. I wandered into the most fabulous store in Los Angeles on melrose and bought this sheer back dress off the rack which I have since dubbed the Dopest Dress on the Planet. Three cheers for Cosmo and Nathalia at GLamsquad in LA and for Dr. Cowlicks for making me supermodel for a day 🙂