Ever wonder if you could look like the women on magazine covers?
FEEL beautiful on the inside.

LOOK beautiful on the outside.


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Fun, creative and always out of the box, Dr. Cowlick’s really knows how to give life to photos. It was such a pleasure working with them to create beautiful, different and interesting images that you have to come back and look at more than once. With their dream team of hair, makeup, posing, photography AND editing, they create such a safe environment while capturing the best parts of your physical self. I feel privileged to know and work with this innovative trio and am so proud of our images! Jenn Ryan

TODAY is the LAST DAY you will be this young again….


Be immortalized in photographs

20 years from now…

show your kids, family, friends and…

Cover girl models have a little secret…..
They don’t really look like that every day either 🙂

They have a whole team to make them look this fabulous, including:

…a photographer, makeup artist, lighting wizard, and photoshop retoucher.


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JOINING our *private* Womens FACEBOOK group
I would LOVE to do a photo shoot… BUT….

I need to lose a little bit of weight first.

We get that a lot. In fact, most of the women you see in our photoshoots said the same thing… until they see their photographs.  Professional photographers know how to pose women properly to take 10,20+ lbs off of them.  It’s our job to make you look amazing and pose you properly according to your body type. Why suffer in the gym for months when you can let our team take the weight off using our photographic magic?

I’m not photogenic.

It’s not your job to be ‘photogenic’ or good in front of the camera. It’s our job to guide you through the entire shoot so you end up looking like a pro with the most gorgeous photos you have ever seen of yourself.

I don’t know how to pose – i’m not a model.

We don’t shoot models. At Dr Cowlicks, we are all about TRANSFORMATION of women who have zero experience modeling.  It’s our job to lead you through the shoot, and we expect ZERO modeling ability.  We expect you to show up to our shoot knowing absolutely nothing about how to be photographed. Let us do all the work. Our shoots are FUN!

Your photography is amazing…. so I probably can’t afford it.

Jack Carver, the head photographer of the Dr Cowlicks team, has worked all year on a new system of shooting and retouching that has drastically reduced the HOURS required to get through and process an entire photo shoot.  We can now deliver the HIGH END photography expected from Dr Cowlicks at about 1/3rd the price.  Jack has worked hard all year on getting the price down to a point where most women can afford to be photographed by us.

I’m not comfortable being photographed by a man

Great news. As part of our brand new offerings, Jack has spent a year training a NEW female photographer for your photo shoot.  The photographs you see on this page were taken with KRISTA as the primary photographer. Learn more about Krista on our ABOUT page.

I don’t want to be photoshopped to death

You wont be.  We primarily focus on using gorgeous technical lighting, amazing makeup and proper posing to achieve 95% of our look.  A bit of photoshop is used on each photo as the final bit of polish. Your photos will LOOK LIKE YOU…. just the best polished version we can produce.


For a limited time, we are offering our photo shoot experience for a ridiculously low rate.


  • A 2 hour guided photo shoot ($200 value)
  • Professional Hair & Makeup ($200 value)
  • Photographs and products at extra low early bird prices
  • 3+ hour experience total

Albums, prints, digitals, and wall art may be purchased separately during your reveal and ordering session.

We want everyone to try this and get our work out there fast, so we are dropping our session fee’s and hair/makeup fees. You only pay a $50 reservation fee to hold one of the limited spots for your photo shoot. The shoot w/ hair & makeup are ZERO cost for our launch special.

87.5% OFF our regular booking fee!

Don’t miss out.


You will be shooting with our NEW womens photographer, Krista!


Feel free to ask us any questions in our private Facebook group.


Digital photos, photographic prints and other photographic products are PURCHASED SEPARATELY.  Our typical customer spends $650 to $2000 on photographic products after their photoshoot. NO PURCHASE is necessary if you are not thrilled with your photographs. We are currently less than HALF the market rate.





5x5 little black book – genuine black leather, photographic prints, mounted to a high quality layflat album. Includes storage box.

Facebook resolution versions of your images for sharing.

Custom mobile app for your phone, with all your images for showing off.


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Want to splurge a bit? Get a huge 10x10 album instead.

10x10 black leather album – genuine black leather, photographic prints, mounted to a high quality layflat album. Includes storage box.

Facebook resolution versions of your images for sharing.

Custom mobile app for your phone, with all your images for showing off.

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(5x5 book shown for size comparison)

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Image for size comparison.  5x5 little black book, on top of the 10x10 album.


Photographic prints, Canvases, high gloss metal prints, and other wall art is available, a la carte, after purchasing a base package.


The FIRST STEP is to set up a meeting with Krista, at our Studio, to go over the details of everything involved in a photoshoot, to see the products, understand the process, talk about your vision and go over pricing.