Becoming Light

As many of us know, it’s easy to lose your way in life. As much joy and good times as there may be, it’s the bad times that we sometimes can’t escape from, having to find release in outlets that may not be our healthiest option. After finding herself in this exact place two years ago, Corinna knew it was time to take action and make some significant changes in her life. She needed to regain her happiness, her passion for life and most importantly, her health…



…and she did just that!

Bringing her own voice to the Cowlick blog, Corinna wrote about her experience with the Cowlick team and how important this shoot was to her. She also describes her Big Reveal and how she felt the moment she saw her idea brought to life. We couldn’t be more honored to be part of your big day and thank you so much for sharing this with us!

“Jack and Rebecca created an atmosphere that was absolutely fabulous. Experiencing them as a team, in synch both with each other and their client, was fascinating, reassuring and simply a joy to witness.”

To mark and celebrate numerous life-changing events of the past two years, my experience with Dr. Cowlick’s team was nothing less than amazing! When I met with Rebecca and Jack for the consultation, I Immediately felt comfortable, both on a professional and personal level. There was a rather lengthy story to tell, which I was hoping to turn into a visual reminder and encouragement for the future. In their lovely reception room, they both listened very intently to my narrative:

I was coming on 2 years of cutting alcohol out of my life, having found my spirituality again as well as my creative side, leaving an oppressive work environment and finding a new position that has me smiling just talking about it! I not only changed my life-style through a healthy diet but by introducing work-outs (losing 30 pounds so far!), I most importantly found my way out of the darkness, arriving at a place of contentment, even happiness and have been on an ever continuing path of improvement and growing strength ever since. In short: ‘Becoming Light‘.

The Cowlicks were ‘with me’ and understood my ‘vision’ from the first moment, asking just the right questions to find both the story behind the shoot and the images that had been drifting through my mind. Their enthusiasm about the project was contagious, and when I left the consultation, we had not only agreed on a my 41st birthday as the shoot date but the creative gears were set in motion to bring my story to visual life, creating a piece of art that would do justice to my journey.

In the days leading up, we communicated in detail about the creative process, dress choices and to how to prepare for the shoot both practically and emotionally. When the day finally arrived, it couldn’t have been a more perfect birthday gift! Warmth, kindness, shared joy and plenty of giggles made for an unforgettable day. From the thoughtful and delicious treats (including mocktails), to the professional instructions – everything was orchestrated carefully, yet with a sense of excitement:

I was to be princess for a day!

After deciding on the right dress and being turned into a glamorous being by hair and makeup master Cori, it was time to “become a model”. Throughout the shoot, the Cowlick team paid attention to the most minute detail of the composition, guided me through various poses and always made sure I was comfortable. They not only coaxed out numerous silly smiles but were able to create moments of belly-aching laugh-attacks that I will never forget.

“Thank you, Rebecca, Jack and Cori – you have indeed created magic. Your creativity and brilliant imagination, your deep commitment to your clients and your profession are visible in every single detail, from the glorious faux hawk & make-up to the breathtaking composition!”

On the day of the Big Reveal, once again I was warmly welcomed at the studio, where a lovely presentation had been set up. The lights went down and the slide show started. And what a great start it was! Jack had chosen a few ‘behind the scenes’ shots, capturing me making silly faces in between, which had me laugh out loud and set a great tone for the evening.

Behind the Scenes Fun

Those were followed by the portrait shots – which were beautiful
(turns out, I do clean up nicely)!

But then, following the story line I was hoping the shoot would tell, the final picture came into view. A thousand words, right there, captured magically, perfectly and exactly how I was hoping it would be, yet so much more eloquent than I ever could have imagined! Darkness and light: the journey, the new beginning and the glowing future, truly “Becoming Light”. In one word, it was perfect!!

20x60 Commissioned Art Piece on Canvas

” I can’t thank you enough for an amazing day, the patience, professionalism, kindness and pure fun that you brought to the project. Rebecca and Jack, you are truly one…err, two of a kind!

I know that every time I look at this piece, I will relive the joy of the time spent with you and moreover, draw strength from it to continue forward, onward and upward!”