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Hi! I’m Krista

Beauty, GLAMOUR, BOUDOIR photographer & Makeup/Hair Artist






My name is Krista Massey. I am a Raleigh native and a self-taught makeup artist with a passion for all things creative. I loved makeup, costumes, hair styling and photography at a very young age. I think it was the combination of how the right makeup and hair could make people feel, how certain makeup could transform you into something better, or more confident. I knew no matter what I choose to do in life, it would have to be something that made a person feel like their best self.

Being a person that has always struggled with my weight and self-esteem, I knew I needed to be a part of changing how people saw themselves, and how people felt about themselves on the outside as well as the inside. I never wanted anyone to beat themselves up when they would stare in the mirror, the way that I did.

Life took me to many places, many countries, through many relationships, only to end up with a man that couldn’t be more perfect for me, and makes me feel beautiful in any situation. He is my rock and the love of my life. I’m so inspired by how he loves.
My best friend is the truest soul you could ever pray for, and my biggest fan. She reminds me of who I truly am when I forget. I can honestly say I have the most phenomenal circle of friends and parents. We all need a strong circle, I think, if we have big dreams.
The only thing I could love as much as them are my furry pup kids. I rescued my “Louie” 7 years ago. He is named after Louis Armstrong, because his voice was the only thing that would calm my baby as a pup. He blesses me every day with snout kisses and unconditional (goofy) love. “Smokey” my pit bull, is the man of the house, and is particular about who he snuggles with. It melts me that that person is me. Then there’s the boxer lady “Gemma,” who just wants to be loved. I would give them all my last breath of air.
I have traveled all over the world. Studying makeup, people, and diving into charitable works to really see where everything fit, hoping to find a way to make all the things I loved to come together. I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. That took me to dozens of different countries. So many beautiful faces. I donated my long hair to St. Baldrick to raise money for child cancer research. I volunteered with beautiful special needs children and the Special Olympics. I also took part in activities with my local rescue mission, helping with food prep, delivery, and collections. I was hooked.
It was somewhere along the path of all these beautiful people, from all over the world, that I picked up a camera. Something about being able to capture what I saw; how it made me feel, and having something I could hold in my hands to revisit those moments, was something I knew I needed. There was still that lingering question of how to bring it all together. I tried my hand at all types of makeup and design. I studied The art of Drag Makeup, the thrill of special effects, film and television, bridal and boudoir and commercial and corporate head shots.
It was while doing head shots that a close friend referred me to a photographer that needed a makeup artist for his clients.

That’s how I met Jack. He was so different in his process. His work was impeccable, but his attention to detail is what stood out to me. He had no desire to over Photoshop the faces he photographed. He kept them true to life only tweaking the smaller things to bring out their best self.

We worked together for a few years, and started to notice how we both brought something beautiful and encouraging to an already sound work environment. He noticed how I was with people, and my eye for photography. Jack being the genius he is, saw the bigger picture of what could be. He was full of talent and know how, and I was full of the passion to make people realize their true beauty.
One day jack came to me with the idea that we, as a perfect team, could take the average woman with an inability to see all of her attributes, and use our talents to bring out the best in each woman, no matter size, color, or age. The idea was my dream come true, and here we are. I have to say I was completely honored when Jack presented me with the opportunity to begin a business together. I was very excited.
In the process of getting all of this together, somehow I had forgotten the fundamental reason for wanting to follow this path in the first place, until it was time for me to take my own head shot.

I’m older and heavier now. I started to feel so much anxiety when I thought about being on the other side of the camera. I stressed over what to wear, how to pose, smile or don’t smile ? How should I wear my hair? What will people think if the pictures don’t come out good? Why don’t I photograph as well as others? I started to think I should just cancel. I felt so nauseous.

I washed my makeup off 3 times. Sound familiar??? I built my entire life around making others feel beautiful, empowered, and confident. So why now, when I needed it for myself, could I not shake it off? I collected myself and headed to shoot with Jack. When I arrived he could tell I had been beating myself up. He immediately started reminding me of the “truths”. We are all unique. We all have our own beauty, and no one compares to each of us because of our individuality. We can’t take ourselves too seriously all the time, and there needs to be room to celebrate who we have become.

He kept talking as he adjusted his lighting, positioned me and began to click. With every click making my worries smaller and smaller, until the laughter started! I felt the joy take over, and I remembered that I am me, and that’s a great thing to celebrate. I didn’t even care how the pictures turned out (even though I knew I’d love them) because I felt gorgeous, accomplished, and hopeful.

That’s what a photo is suppose to capture. How you feel inside shining through. A imagine of how you are uniquely beautiful in your own way.

Jack and I together as a team can do this for you. We love nothing more than to prove you wrong in thinking anyone is just average or not photogenic. To us, there is just no such thing.






About Me

Hi! I’m Jack

Head photographeR, Retoucher,






My name is Jack Carver, and i’m the camera shy one.  A photographer who is camera shy, I know… I know! So no photos of me, but lot’s of my pups. We are most definitely dog crazy at Dr Cowlicks!

I get to spend my days photographing people, and sitting at my desk retouching beautiful photos, with my dogs visiting me. It’s pretty awesome.

#1 i’m a nerd.  I was one of those whiz kids growing up, that used to hack computer systems just for fun.  I went to college for computer science, and skipped most of my classes to spend time in the computer lab, learning more advanced stuff.  I had been programming for 8 years already BEFORE I went to college for computers, so classes we’re a bit boring.


While in college, I took a lot of photography courses for fun, and my photography professor said I had an “amazing eye”, and that I needed to switch majors to become a professional photographer. I said “NOPE!  Don’t want to be a starving artist”.  So I had an early and accelerated computer science career, which I semi-retired from early.


Spent a few years figuring out what I wanted to do next, so I decided to start a photography company. Funny how things come full circle.


Photography had gone fully digital since my film days in college, which played directly into my techie strengths.  Photoshop had become a very large complex, and powerful package.  I was in love!

This allowed me to take photography well beyond what your typical photographer can do.  I started doing “creative” artistic photography pieces for people, and really enjoyed it. Here is Mia, who got her Senior photos done with me. She is an AP classes student, high achiever, plays electric guitar and loves Van Halen.  Mom told me to create one of my digital art pieces if I got inspired during her shoot.  Here is a before and after shot. I couldn’t just let all that rocker girl hair go to waste. 


Sookie the Dobey

Sookie the Dobey

Official Studio Hound #1

Steamy the Greyhound

Steamy the Greyhound

Official Studio Hound #2

CLICK image to enlarge

I then decided to start shooting Contemporary Glamour/Boudoir, and launched that arm of the business in 2016.  We booked up immediately, shoots we’re made, clients went crazy, it was a huge success. Here are a couple of before/afters from my very first shoots.

Only problem was, I wasn’t happy with the process and dynamics around being a glamour/boudoir photographer.  My workflow was far too time consuming, and I personally didn’t like all the attention.  This made shoots awesome, but expensive, and created a mental block for me. When it was time to market for more shoots, I would avoid it, because I knew it would bring more attention my way.  It was a conundrum for me. I’m an anti-peacock of sorts.

Then along came Krista, who I hired as one of my makeup artists.  Over time I realized she had a really good eye for photography, and social ninja skills 1000X greater than mine. She is the kind of person you want to become good friends with within minutes of meeting her. This is HUGE for a womens photographer and really important for my clients.   I asked if she would be interested in becoming a photographer, and the rest is history.

With Krista being the primary shooter and interacting with the clients, I could put my focus on the technical lighting, high end retouching, and running the business effectively.  I became convinced we could be far more successful together as a team, and the clients would receive even better photographs, a better experience, all at a far lower price point. 

I spent the last year mentoring Krista in photography and *ENGINEERING THE PERFECT WORKFLOW*. This means I have cut the time to process a photoshoot by 1/3rd, and can pass the cost savings onto my clients.  Our shoots are now within reach of MOST women.  I’m convinced you won’t find photography of this quality, at this price anywhere in our area.  So i’m crazy excited to continue working on our shooting system, watching Krista grow into the best womens photographer in NC, and most importantly, watching our clients lose their fricken minds. 

That was the one thing that really caught me by surprise in this business.  PHOTOGRAPHY HAS THE POWER TO CHANGE YOU.  Never would have believed it, until I saw it happen before my eyes, over and over again.  This is a crazy rewarding profession to be in, and i’m incredibly lucky to have fallen into it.  Maybe my photography professor was right after all. 😉  


Sookie doing quality control and reviewing my work. 
She has no understanding of personal space 🙂

In my free time, you will find me spending time with my wonderful significant other, Rebecca and our furry kids. If it’s summer time, we’re on Falls Lake, relaxing, wakeboarding, and fishing, most weekends.